STPA’s hematopathology section directs the diagnostic evaluation of lymph nodes and bone marrow biopsies, aspirates and other hematoproliferative tissue samples, including those referred from our active cytopathology fine needle aspiration biopsy service. We incorporate appropriate ancillary cell characterization data including in-house immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry, as well as cytogenetic and molecular studies. Our adult hematopathology service is staffed by board certified hematopathologists. This service maintains a close relationship with the Texas Transplant Institute, facilitating close cooperation with the solid organ and bone marrow transplant sections in the diagnosis of post transplant lymphoproliferative disorders.

Pediatric hematology specimens are handled by the pediatric pathology service, with the same ancillary testing.

Our hematopathology service is able to maintain coverage seven days a week to provide routine and emergency services to patients with hematologic disorders. Flow cytometry services are provided routinely six days a week and on Sundays on an emergent case-by-case basis.